The Community Case Study in Palestine

Aida Camp

Aida camp was established in 1950 on land UNRWA leased from the government of Jordan. The camp is located between the municipalities of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Jerusalem. It is partially surrounded by the West Bank Barrier and is near to Har Homa and Gilo, two large Israeli settlements that are illegal under international law. These factors, along with the constant military presence and the camps’ proximity to the main checkpoint between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, have made the camp vulnerable to a number of protection concerns. These include regular incursions by the Israeli military, clashes involving camp residents, many of whom are children, and an increasing number of injuries as a result of excessive force by the Israeli military. (source:

Research methods

The data collection process is based on different methods, such as: individual interviews, focus group discussions with parents (mainly mothers), as well as using drama/role play and stories to provoke children’s views and experiences about protection, equity and safety.