Safe, Inclusive Participative Pedagogy: Improving early childhood education

Enabling participation in early childhood education: learning from policy interventions in different cultural contexts

Wed 08 Dec 2021 |2:00pm - 4:00pm GMT Online

This event was organised in the past

The event has been recorded and you can watch the video below.

Early childhood is a critical period for all children, and governments across the world are recognising this by moving to compulsory early childhood education (ECE). This creates pivotal moments for understanding the challenges and opportunities for such provision in different contexts, and for radically rethinking future directions of ECE across the world.

This webinar brings together case studies from Brazil, Eswatini, Palestine, Scotland and South Africa to shed light on how policy interventions are aiming to enable children’s participation within ECE.

Join us for presentations and discussion around questions such as:

  • How have policymakers across the world interpreted children’s participation in ECE?
  • Which policies have been implemented successfully and what were the drivers behind such positive change?
  • What are the obstacles to meaningful policy implementation in this area and how can they be addressed?

The webinar will be in English with translation into Arabic and Portuguese.