Safe, Inclusive Participative Pedagogy: Improving early childhood education


Dudu Hlophe


Dr. Dudu Hlophe is an Administrator for Early Childhood Education within the Ministry of Education and Training. She has been a specialist in Early Childhood Development and Education since 1998 in the office of the Inspectorate, and Acting Senior Inspector for ECCDE. She has over 25 years’ experience working with ECCDE teachers in centres, training institutions and parents in the community. She holds a Doctorate in Early Childhood Development and Education from the Atlantic International University, Masters in Educational Psychology from the Great Zimbabwe University, Bachelor’s in Psychology and Human Resources Management form the University of KwaZulu Natal-Pietermaritzburg. Dudu did her primary teacher training at William Pitcher College. A number of Early Childhood courses she has undertaken both physically and online from various institutions. She was seconded by the Ministry of Education to co-ordinate the training of ECCDE teachers at Ngwane Teachers College when it was first introduced in the country. Dudu has done a course on play Therapy with the University of California. Later enrolled with Mind Music from South Africa for a course on administering Aptitude Tests for School Beginners (ASB).

Currently she is the Ministries focal person with the SIPP project working with UNESWA. She is looking forward to working with young children living with common disruptive behaviour disorders (Conduct, Oppositional Defiant and Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorders) to mention a few.